You can forget all about those fancy Instagram posts. Lady laying half naked on the bed with her morning coffee, reading her book with the sun shining through the back doors and a view across the ocean complete with dolphins jumping from the water. She’s clearly just woken up with perfect hair and minimal but perfectly applied makeup and she’s about to have the most amazing insta worthy day soaking up the sun. No. not here in the uk. You can forget it. You are more likely to open the doors to the smell of cow shit whilst trying to imagine what the view of the mountains would look like if only you could see them through the grey clouds and drizzle. You cant make a coffee because all the water is frozen and you’re wearing so many layers you’re not even sure if the feeling of numbness is from the cold or the lack of circulation due to restricted movement caused by said layers.

Mornings here are mostly cold. However. There are some things you can do to make waking up in the morning a little less traumatic. Prep, prep, prep. Before you go to bed it’s a good idea to have your next day clothes close to hand. This way you’re not scrabbling around half naked freezing your bollox off. By having clothes close to the bed you can pull them in and snuggle them for a while to warm them. This lessens the shock of cold fabric hitting the skin. Give it a go. You’ll thank me for that one!

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