Back when I had a plan

I got this crazy idea in my head that I wanted to travel as far north as I could drive on mainland Britain and then sit on a mountain. At this point I had no idea that van life was a thing. My plan was to get a vehicle big enough to sleep in and head north. So I went on the internet to get some ideas for my mini adventure. A whole new world opened up to me and so begun my journey into van life. Hours were lost on pintrest and facebook groups looking at diy conversions, daydreaming of where my adventure may take me. I brought an old 2003 swb transit without any mechanical inspection or really any idea of how to do a conversion. Little thought went into the van I chose. A mistake I would come to regret. Money was very tight so I sourced as much free material as I could, this was mostly pallet wood, a scrap of vinyl flooring, some timber and a dog cage. The build was quite literally a case of making it up as I went along but I got there in the end and after 3 months Rusty was ready for an adventure. I set off for an adventure. There was no plan other than to head north and have a look into this road trip that people mentioning, the NC500. After spending a few days wiggling my way up the country avoiding motorways (cos what’s the point in a road trip when the views wiz past at 70mph?) I found my self at inverness setting of anti-clockwise around the north cost 500. I had the most amazing time and loved every moment of van life. It didn’t take much for me to quickly realise that this is how I want to live full time. Now here comes my regret…… ‘Rusty’. I love Rusty. He has safely taken me on the most amazing adventure of my life so far. He managed to navigate the blach la ma and provide comfortable shelter  HOWEVER…. I can’t stand up! At 5’’11 constantly bending over to prepare food, get dressed, and do basically anything other than sleep is not the best way to be living full time. He’s a SWB so there is little room for facilities and storage and he’s rusty!!!

Life’s changed a little since my plan to drive north was first conceived. After I made the move to full time van life I dipped my toe in the social world of facebook vanlifers and met up with a lovely lady named Kate. Now for the grose bit….. we fell in love. So with no real plans, we are pretty much winging it through life together in our vans Pig and Rusty with Mabel the van dog.